Here you can find the links to the available releases of PDF Clown.

Copyright 2006-2013 Stefano Chizzolini. All rights reserved.


LGPL 3 license logoThis code is covered by the GNU LGPL 3. Please read the terms of this license (see README files included in the downloadable distribution) before altering or copying the source code.



Packages are accompanied by detached PGP signatures in order to allow you to verify their integrity. You can get a copy of the Package signing key on my Contact page. After you download the resource and its signature, checking integrity is just a matter of issuing these shell commands (using GNU Privacy Guard):

  1. import the Package Signing Key into your keyring:
    $ gpg --import it.stefanochizzolini.pkg.pgp-key
  2. verify the package integrity (package file and its related signature MUST be under the same directory):
    $ gpg --verify PDFClown-0.1.2-Beta.tar.bz2.asc


The source code is distributed along with its bytecode for convenience and immediate availability. See the README files included for further details.


To understand the version numbering scheme, please see Version numbering.


These are the main dependencies (feel free to adopt equivalent implementations if preferred):

  • Java SE JDK 6 and above (PDF Clown for Java™ Platform):

    Java SE Downloads

  • Mono Project 2.10.8 (.NET 4.0) and above (PDF Clown for .NET Framework):

    Mono Project home page

Code Repository

If you liked to keep yourself up-to-date about the current development of PDF Clown, or to create patches for contributing bug fixes and new implementations to PDF Clown, the Subversion (SVN) repository is available on as version control system for source code.